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Ordering Times

Please give us 24 hours notice on your order. However, if you are in a pinch, give us a call and we will jump through hoops to do a last minute wow for you!


We really insist NOT delivering more than ONE HOUR before your Guests are scheduled to eat. We are very proud that our meats do not have  CRAZY PRESERVATIVES & JUNK to keep them looking sharp & FRESH sitting on a counter for hours on end. That means that you are getting the good stuff, the real stuff!  If you have the ability to receive our trays/platters and have refrigeration large enough - By all means - we will deliver when you wish. Just keep cold until its time to eat please ☺ We are looking out for you!

** Delivery Fees vary based on day & time of week and specific delivery area.

Paper Plates & Stuff

Help us be a little green. We do Not automatically throw all that stuff at you. So, check that condiment drawer, and if you do not have enough napkins, plates and plastic ware, we are happy to add those to your order.

Order Sizes

We have created our sizing based years of experience. We have certain minimum tray sizes, because no one likes a sad looking deli tray! Please don't ask us to change that, because we never like to say no.

Forgive Us but We Prefer Not To Cut Your Bagel

We don’t want to be mean. We simply want to best ensure your bagels are soft & fresh. For larger catering orders & events we sell bagel cutters $29.00 (approx.)

We Are Not Kosher

Meat & Cheese are normally presented on the same tray.   But we would love to separate your meat from the cheese on any tray/platter. We will simply package them separately. PLEASE just let us know.

Always Have Enough - No One Goes Hungry

Our Tip- always order a little more. People love to take stuff home. Someone from the office group down the hall always finds time to sneak in …. But for those who want to do the math:

The Math

1 lb. Lox for 6 people (two slices per person)
1 lb. Meat every 3 people.
* a single Tray for 10pp should only use 2 different meats.
* a single Tray for 15pp+ can utilize 3 to 4 different meats
16oz Cream Cheese perfect for 6-8 people.
24oz Cream Cheese is perfect for 10-12 people

Do Not Be Shy – Call Us. Ask for A Catering Manager.

Talk to us. Ask All kinds of Questions. Speak to a real live human being.

TEL: 312-212-1